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1. [PLEASED] the first session of In Which A Series of Unlikely Compatriots Are Roped Together In a Plan to Destroy The Known World has completed.

2. [AMUSED] and although a full title is impossible to accurately give, given the on-going nature of the game, i am pleased to announce that there were three separate cases of arson, one case of grand larceny and assault of an imperial officer, and three cases of manslaughter only barely averted by the deft quadrant machinations of sappho's yellowblood.

3. [AMUSED] oh. and one confirmed quadrant. although i remain uncertain if Artisann Loveless was in fact angling for that one, or any at all, given the fact her dice roll ended up only as a three out of twenty, even with modifiers.

4. [AMUSED] sappho. pheres. hinnom. perhaps you could add in your own commentary?

5. [CURIOUS] and does anyone else have suggestions on better locales for such events in the future? we took over my communal living stem's lobby for the purposes of this game and locked all of the doors, but the number of people demanding entry proved deleterious to experiencing ultimate immersion. or other means of ensuring that people do not enter to steal our food items?

6. [DISAPPROVING] and please, no recommendations of assault. i have no desire to get blood on the chips. that is disgusting.

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