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platoniccrusader ([personal profile] platoniccrusader) wrote in [community profile] fleetbound2016-08-06 11:06 pm

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S0! An im90rtant 9uesti0n f0r y0u l0t, 6y which I am referrin9, 0f c0urse, t0 my fell0w IE9 stu9ents:

Have y0u had a 90l0r0sa sittin9 in y0ur classes lately?

An9 if s0, what is the reas0n they 9ave f0r this?

I'm just askin f0r curi0usity's sake. I har9ly think that the pain9ineerin9 9e9artment is 0f any interest t0 0ur 9irt-9i99in9 c0m9atri0ts in the Em9ress's service, and yet, sure en0u9h, all 0f 0ur lectures have 6een haunted 6y an unusually mu99y matr0n.

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