Mar. 30th, 2016

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[A selfie of Emerel]

thErE was a distinct lack of .ME. up in hErE and .I. just couldnt lEt that stand
and thErEforE it was .MY. job to fix that
fEast your gandErglobEs on this fantastic fucking spEcimEn of a troll
yourE wElcomE
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Good evening, my fellow fleetbounders! 'Tis pissing rain and has been for the past week, and so I am TRAPPED inDOORS! Ennui threatens to €onsume me. I have already entered into and broken off a dallian€e with a travelling salestroll and none of my usual affiliates are paying me heed.

ERGO, I turn to you! Render unto me your best stories. Tingle my spine, €hatter my teeth, make mine eyes to bulge from my head in WONDER. 'T mattereth not whether they are frightening, humorous, or tragi€, so long as they are true and above all, intriguing.
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i FEEl BEtrAyED. i hAvE BEEn BAmBoozlED.

my DAmnED sqqquAD lEADEr tAlkED mE into DoinG this BCAusE shE sAiD shE wAs GonnA join in, AnD shE just tolD mE shE wAsn't GonnA But iF i triED to qqquit shE'D BloCk oFF my rEspppitE BloCk.

whAtEvEr GoDs ArE out thErE, ppplEAsE, sAvE mE From this CruEl AnD unusuAl pppunishmEnt.

GuEss shE's Got A pppoint thAt i Don't intErACt with othEr pppEoppplE EnouGh, thouGh.


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