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| Hello Everyone | ! |

| Given Recent Events | I have Decided to Take Up LARPING | And while Normally | I would Simply Pursue This Adventure with some of my Merchant Friends | I was Thinking |

| Fleetbound has Quite the Number of Engaging Individuals | who I am Sure Possess Vivid and Unmatched Imaginations | beyond Those of Simple Vendors | ! | So It might Prove Entertaining to Pursue a Campaign with You People Instead | ? | =:B |

| I Already Spoke to Mardie | Who seemed Very Interested | So We have at Least One Player | ! |

| So is Anyone Else Interested | ? |

| I will be in Temasek's Province for most of the Perigee | Coming in from the Region Surrounding Cascara | so I thought Perhaps | Three Sessions | Over the Course of the Perigee |

| And I Could Very Easily Make a Detour to Pick Up Anyone who May Wish to Join In | On the Way Over |

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