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Bellamy ([personal profile] anontrolls) wrote in [community profile] fleetbound2016-03-22 11:54 pm

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(Well, pals, that was one helluva welcome! X dxdn't even need to flxp my own xsh and X got my own personal soaps straxght up on joxnxn! Xs xt always thxs excxtxn? (\ouo/) )

(Speakxn of awks callxn folks out xn person xn publxc places, X was totes gonna send thxs prxvate-lxke, but then X realxzed axn't nobody gotta be mxssxn out on the dxscovery of the mxllennxa. (\uwu/) )

(Heyo, [personal profile] refiningspacetime!)

– screeScree [SS] posted a file: “bonafxdevampxre” –

[A somewhat blurry and zoomed-in phone-cam photo of a particularly dessicated daywalker with olive accents on their dress, lunging upwards at a sheer tree trunk towards the photographer's vantage point with their mouth wide open. Their canines happen to be notably longer than the rest of their teeth.]

(Look, pal! X totes found you a proper drxnker! Now you can lay your poor pusher to rest, pun deffo xntended, and know that the thxngs that go bump xn the day now xnclude blood-suckxng jadebloods out for you personally! (\^u^/) )

(They’re affronted that you axn’t so sure bout thexr exxstence, y’see, wanna come and tell you personal-lxke! (\ouo/) - Or at least X thxnk that's what the dude saxd. Sorta hard to tell, what wxth the drxnker accent.)

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