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platoniccrusader ([personal profile] platoniccrusader) wrote in [community profile] fleetbound2016-03-26 08:09 pm

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S0 many new sym90ls! 9reetin9s t0 all 0f y0u.

As n0 0ne else has 60there9 yet, I su660se it falls on me t0 9ut t09ether 0ur meta6h0rical welc0me wa90n f0r the newc0mers. Hell0! I w0n't 90ther with intr09ucti0ns, as I'm sure all 0f y0u are fasti9i0us en0u9h t0 have 90ste9 in the 9r09er thread already. :)

9ut there is s0 much m0re we 0u9ht t0 learn a60ut each 0ther a6art fr0m just names! Say, 0ur h066ies. H0w we s6end 0ur time says s0 much a60ut us, 90esn't it?

I'll start us 0ff! I enj0y 6uildin9 60m6s and c0ncussive weap0nry. Much t0 my new lawnring's 9eneral 9ismay, I'm afrai9. My lusus is actually currently takin9 s0me0ne's c0m9laint 0utsi9e, althou9h, frankly, it 90es n0t s0und as if he's makin9 a very 9ersuasive ar9ument.

... I su990se I sh0uld intervene bef0re she actually eats the 900r fell0w, sh0ul9n't I? They're a slee9y 9unch 0f 6lue6l009s, 9ut I w0ul9 rather hate t0 9et them rile9 the first ni9ht I'm here.

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