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Good evening, my fellow fleetbounders! 'Tis pissing rain and has been for the past week, and so I am TRAPPED inDOORS! Ennui threatens to €onsume me. I have already entered into and broken off a dallian€e with a travelling salestroll and none of my usual affiliates are paying me heed.

ERGO, I turn to you! Render unto me your best stories. Tingle my spine, €hatter my teeth, make mine eyes to bulge from my head in WONDER. 'T mattereth not whether they are frightening, humorous, or tragi€, so long as they are true and above all, intriguing.
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εïз Um, I don't know if they'd actually be of any interest to you, but I, um, have a lot of stories from my hikes.

εïз Like, uh, there are a lot of local legends about this ghost that's supposed to live on the mountain, but um...

εïз One time I actually saw it, but, uh, I don't think it's actually a ghost! It was, like, um, waaaaay too solid and I probably could've touched it if I went up to it, and it was solid white and I don't think ghosts actually look like that???

εïз I kinda think it might've been a lusus or something but whatever it was it, um, didn't like trolls a whole lot, it seemed. Or, uh, maybe it. Views trolls as prey or something.

εïз It chased me up a tree and I nearly got stuck outside during the day because of it.
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pissing rnain? holy shit, dude, no wondern yrn hiding inside. dng outside, you might fucking melt. that's what ice does, rnight? >:P

j/k, j/k.

stornytime, rnight? let's see.

my best storny is, like, the firnst time i went out flarnping, back when i was a frnesh-faced grnub, still all innocent and shit to the wiles of the wornld and brnight-eyed about murnderning some folks in histornical costumes.

"shit's cool," i said. "my rnail'll do my drny-cleanin'," i said. "what's a little blood between a pile??"

and, like, evernything W A S cool, the firnst hourn. i punched some folks. they punched me. i had to take someone's gun and snap it overn my head and fuckern didn't even have the courntesy to, like, wait forn me to get done. like, dudes, i am soz to be the one to rnat out the comm, but: flarnperns arne rnude as fuck. >:I

and then.

i met the witch. >:O
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whoops, totes forngot i just, like, trnailed off herne. my bad. >:} and lmaooo. it totes is. that's why it's grn8. cowarnds and ninnies arne the easiest folks to get cash frnom.

anyway, that was when i met: T H E W I T C H. >:O

and, like, the most fucked up thing about it was that i totes didn't rnealise she was a witch at firnst. in the stornies, they'rne always marnoon and curnly-horned and decked out in more grneen than brnead in a dead kids pantrny.

firnst time i saw hern, it was like this: some little slip of a thing getting all knocked arnound by some asshole in arnmorn, brnown everny fucking wherne. so i burnst in, like, dude, nah. took carne of 'em. prno-tip: don't add curnves forn yrn venomsacks in yrn brneastplate, shit will cave in.

so asshole's outta the picturne, and she's off, whimperning like a kicked barnkbeast. and that's when i starnted to rnealise, shit, this ain't rnight. b/c, like, yah, she's a little bloody, shit happens when you get the hell knocked outta you.

and evernyone looks weirnd when they'rne all banged up. but, like, this wasn't 'my cheeks gone all funny' - this was E V E R Y T H I N G ' S gone all funny. starne at hern too long and it was like hern featurnes starnted crneeping. hern hairn starnted moving. yrn mouth went drny, yrn scalp starnted crnawling like all yrn headfluff was abt to evict.

i trnied to tough it out. i was like, "hey, kid, you alive?" and she looked up at me and i nearnly hornked.

girnl's eyes werne fucking lime, like in a goddamn vid. like she's an A L I E N. and not, like, lime irnises, which would be edgy dumb pupa weirnd? but all the way thrnough. frneaky as F U C K.

and they wernen't glowing none, eithern, so it wasn't fucking psionics. it was just L I M E, like in the hornornorn vids.

and when you looked at hern outta the cornern of yrn eye, hern face looked nornmal. like, no skin crnawling at all. but hern eyes werne still all witchy willow grneen, and when she spoke, hern teeth werne sharnp as a fish.
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oh, you know, the usual.

she wanted to get back to hern lusus, who was off on a ship. and, like, that wornked out, b/c i totes wanted to get on the ship, too, forn diff rneasons, and basically, it turned into an escornt quest, you dig? we logged it in, she lost some exp, i gained some, she told me how we werne gonna sneak on-boarnd, it all wornked out.

and, like, herne's the thing: you might be like, wait, sipa, why the fuck you'd go and head off with this fucked-up looking girnl? and the answern's b/c idk. she was a witch? it seemed like a good idea, if you didn't look at hern strnaight on.

ofc, it bit me in the ass. we get therne, and it turns out hern lusus isn't on the boat. it's undern the boat. because it's hiding out in the watern, on account of the fact it's a fuck-huge carnivornious dirntchurnern. like, an aquatic dirntchurnern.

a giant aquatic dirntchurnern lusus forn a R U S T B L O O D.

like i said. total fucking witch. >:{
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| What Happened is That She Ran out Of Story to Tell You | =;B |
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lmao, stfu, did not. and it's not a storny if it's trnue, asshole.

it didn't. i'm too rnough forn a wornm to eat. prnobs give it a disease. prnobs give it, like, A L L the diseases.

nah, we got on the boat, like, took all the weapons, rnacked up some big exp, and then she was like, "oj! sipa! you've helped me!" and batted hern crneepy-ass eyes and, like, totes witchiness therne, b/c she was like, "go look up in the crnows nest!" and i was like, "y, y, why not?" why not. like, why everny rneason you shouldn't.

and then hern lusus hopped on boarnd and ate evernyone. not me, 'cause i was in the fucking crnows nest.

witches, man.
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| It can still be a Story and True | ! | That is the Secret Behind the Best of Stories | After All | A Trinket of Truth |

| Not to Intervene in Orpheo's Thread | Of Course | Hopefully This is not a Trespass | But | I am Loathe to Let such an Opportunity to Examine my Moirail's Secret Life go Remiss |

| Was It Possible that This Witchiness | just Happened to Be | that She was Pretty | ? |
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hern face was melting off, dude.
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| We all have Different Standards of Pity | ! | =:B |
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well, i dunnO abOut eye-bulging and teeth-chattering, but there was this One time i had to pretend i was a troll-eating feral...

it happened when i was out hunting seethewOlves. i'd just finished skinning my first One Of the night when i heard sOmebOdy mOaning. sO Of cOurse, i went tO check it Out, and i found this kid in really bad shape out there. he was crawling up a creek, real slOw, with this green wake trailing Out behind him.

he was nothing but bruises and slices, pOOr thing. it was pretty ObviOus he'd been seeing the wrOng end Of tOrture. he was next wOrse thing tO naked, tO, and burnt crisper than toast.

sO here i am, lOOking dOwn at this barely cOnsciOus kid, when i hear bumping and crashing and vOices dOwnstream. well, i'll tell yOu what; i wasn’t gOnna bet On it being a rescue party.

there was nO kind Of cOver arOund, thOugh. all i cOuld dO was drOp my sunclOak Over the kid and try to cOver him with twigs and leaves. had to wrap myself up in the seethwolf skin, besides, tO keep frOm getting rOasted while i did it.

but the trOlls stumbled in On us fOre i had him cOvered -- a couple of strapping yOung highblOOds, it turned Out, bOth Of em clOaked and armed. all i cOuld think is there was nO way i’d be wining a straight Out fight like this.

sO i’m sitting there, crOuched over this kid and all wrapped up in stinking, bloody fur, and i dO the Only thing i can think Of:

i lOOk thOse highblOOds right in the Occulars, i bare my fans, stOOp dOwn, and i pretend tO take a big, messy bite Outta the kid's shoulder. there’s hemOjuice in my mOuth and everything.

and the kid, who’s just cOming arOund tO the real wOrld, looks up at this big rustblOOd with his green in her teeth, and screams *awful blOOdy murder.*

i ain't never seen blueblOOds turn tail and run like that.

the greenie fainted dead away, right after that, and i had tO drag him the rest Of the way tO safety. i wOund up having tO leave tOwn fOre he wOke up, actually, but the dOcterrOrist kept me in the lOOp. he recOvered well enOugh, and nOwadays he’s working in the city sOmewhere.

never did find Out what thOse highblOOds wanted with him, thOugh.
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[personal profile] forgottensebayt 2016-04-07 10:44 am (UTC)(link)
1. [CURIOUS] if his wounds are as grievous as you described, why bother saving him? admittedly, greenbloods are more durable than your own caste, but the daywalker gene is not omnipresent in jade nor olive.

2. [BLAND] and sun damage is a difficult thing to recover from, especially if he was already burnt.

3. [CURIOUS] you could hardly know that he would successfully recover.
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reply: dayburntEscapade

[personal profile] lex_trolls 2016-04-07 07:17 pm (UTC)(link)
well, i dunnO bOut any Of that. i knOw a bit abOut sunburns, but i'm definitely nO mediculler!

but he was still mOving and trying tO get away when i fOund him and that seemed like a gOOd sign. i prObably wOuld have just mercy culled him if he wasn't still fighting tO escape frOm whOever it was. i wOuld've dOne that anyhOw if it lOOked like thOse highblOOds were gOnna get him back.
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[personal profile] forgottensebayt 2016-04-07 10:29 pm (UTC)(link)
1. [BLAND] admittedly, my knowledge of sunburns is largely of a second-hand nature, specifically stemming from books and media. if he was still actively moving, rather than simply engaging in the sort of instinctive throes that precede death, i suppose the damage was perhaps not as major as i initially assumed from your description of a

2. [QUOTING] "green wake trailing out behind him".

3. [CURIOUS] but why bother mercy-culling him? surely the emotional engagement was not sufficient to invite repercussions from two demonstratably aggressive highbloods?
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Sorry to interrupt, but even if you're reaLL-LLy badL-Ly sunburned, you can usuaLL-LLy get better if someone takes care of you and you stay quiet for L-Long enough! If he'd onL-Ly been out in the sun that one day, even injured, a medicuLL-LLer couL-Ld probabL-Ly get him back to funcshaL-L heaL-Lth, 'speciaLL-LLy since he was green.
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1. [QUIZZICAL] is that so? that is certainly a lighter tale than what has been placed in media. typically the presence of a sunburn served as a narrative signpost towards their inevitable culling, usually by a distressed quadrant or as a means of establishing someone's poor abilities as a moirail.

2. [MILD ENTERTAINMENT] but i suppose media is not always the most successful means through which one can analyze events in real life, all things considered.

3. [CURIOUS] how did you reach this conclusion? are you a mediculler?
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[personal profile] xenophobicarchetype 2016-04-08 01:21 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh gosh, mix, you don't have to cuLL-LL everybody who gets a sunburn! There's different L-Levels of sunburnt, just L-Like there's different L-Levels of any other kinda injury. You wouL-Ldn't mercy-cuLL-LL somebody who just got a cut on their hand, so you wouL-Ldn't cuLL-LL somebody who got miL-LdL-Ly sunburnt neither.

And -- ehee, yeah, I guess I am a medicuLL-LLer! Sorta anyway. I have... kinda a L-Lot of experience with sunburns, too!
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reply: dayburntEscapade

[personal profile] lex_trolls 2016-04-08 01:29 am (UTC)(link)
the blOOd in the water was frOm all the slicing and dicing, nOt the burn! i dunnO what i'd dO with a burn sO bad it cracked arteries. i think at that pOint a trOll's just fried.

and mercy-culling's just what's decent in that situatiOn, man. i play a lOt Of flarp, thOugh, sO maybe that's cOlOring my view. dOwning an OppOnent's just the game, leaving them tO die slOw is a dick mOve.

i wasn't thinking On any fancy mOrality at the time, thO. i just felt bad for the kid.
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1. [CURIOUS] oh!

2. [CURIOUS] i was not aware that there was such a view amongst players. i have clouded, but the majority of my cast have rarely been moved to help opponents out in such a fashion. but i will admit that the majority of them do prefer, to mirror your description, 'dick moves'.

3. [BLAND] i suppose platonic pity is sufficient motivation to explain your actions. that does sound a rather dire and unfortunate situation to find someone in.

4. [FIRM] that was very kind of you, though. to work towards his safety. i would like to believe that i would do the same in that situation, but.
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[personal profile] pietasprovenance 2016-04-10 06:17 am (UTC)(link)
Once I got my arm torn off in a freak accident •・

I thought I was gonna die for sure •・

But stopped the bleeding with some rope and canvas that I had nearby •・

It wasn't my dominant hand thankfully •・
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[personal profile] chancerynpcs 2016-04-10 01:38 pm (UTC)(link)
DUDE, that sucks—

BUT do you have a new arm—?
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Re: mordantRiposte

[personal profile] pietasprovenance 2016-04-10 08:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh yeah •・
I got a pretty sweet grub-arm •・

But that part of the story is boring •・
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[personal profile] chancerynpcs 2016-04-10 09:17 pm (UTC)(link)
UH, then why don't you tell the in-ter-est-ing part—?

AND what the hell is a grub-arm—?

DON'T tell me you stuck some lar-val thing in-to your grasp-le-ver sock-et—
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Re: mordantRiposte

[personal profile] pietasprovenance 2016-04-11 02:36 am (UTC)(link)
I did? •・

I would say getting your arm ripped off in a freak accident is pretty interesting •・

Oh nawh, it's like •・

There's a port to go into my socket that the mech hooks into •・
And some gross grub-looking case that covers the wiring and such •・

It might be alive? •・
Hard to say •・
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[personal profile] chancerynpcs 2016-04-11 03:09 am (UTC)(link)
YEAH, but you can't just say 'freak ac-ci-dent' like that tells the whole sto-ry—

THAT'S not in-ter-est-ing at all, dude—

THAT'S just being a vague ass-hat—

WHY would you put a may-be li-ving grub ov-er your arm—?

LIKE, I have this sick-ass ar-tic-u-lat-ed me-tal hand, it gets the job done, AND it won't crawl off my fuck-ing wrist to go pu-pate or some shit—

WHAT the fuck, dude—?
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Re: mordantRiposte [ In which this is GROSS ]

[personal profile] pietasprovenance 2016-04-11 08:53 pm (UTC)(link)
Aight, aight, story time •・

I was working on this monument, a damn good one too, and I was up real high trying to put some finishing touches on it •・

And I guess there was a quake, or maybe some behemoth lusus was passing by, idk which •・

Point is, the whole shop shook like the world was ending and my ladder toppled over •・

Sent me and my tools down, and wouldn't you know the damn statue decided to come down too •・

It mostly landed on me and broke apart, but still fucked me up good, but the worst was my arm •・

It got crushed by the more solid part of the damn thing AND it sent a smaller carving knife through it •・

And i'll have you know I've had this arm for like two sweeps and it hasn't done dick SHIT except be an arm •・
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mordantRiposte [brigan pLS]

[personal profile] chancerynpcs 2016-04-14 05:49 pm (UTC)(link)
SEE, now THAT'S a sto-ry—

AL-LOW me to re-peat my-self: that sucks, dude—

ES-PEC-IA-LLY now that your arm is a fuck-ing grub—

JUST say-ing—

DO you know where your arm goes dur-ing the day—?

MAY-BE it's sec-ret-ly raid-ing your ther-mal hull for mid-day snacks—
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Re: mordantRiposte [brigan pLS]

[personal profile] pietasprovenance 2016-04-16 11:41 pm (UTC)(link)
Yeah, it sucks •・

But it aint so bad having the grub-case •・

It doesn't DO anything •・

Might be purely aesthetic, as everything I do in life is •・

I hope my arm is the one raiding the thermal hull, my lusus doesn't need to be eating all my snacks •・
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[personal profile] chancerynpcs 2016-04-18 04:57 pm (UTC)(link)
UH, if your life is pure-ly aes-the-tic, that's just sad—

GO on an ad-ven-ture or SOME-THING—

JUST fuck-ing live a lit-tle, may-be—

OR you'll end up as some bor-ing-ass phil-o-soph-er—
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Re: mordantRiposte

[personal profile] pietasprovenance 2016-04-20 06:47 pm (UTC)(link)
Don't be such a downer. •・

Adventure is nice, but so are the views. •・
Aesthetics are important, it's part of art. •・

Philosophy aint my thing, 2deep4me lmaoo. •・