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FLEETBOUND is set during the Condesce's rule, and takes place on an semi-anonymous message board that can be accessed by anyone on Alternia, or near-Alternian orbit. It's maintained and ran by a team of faceless hemoanons modercullers, but conversation is largely unmoderated, and members are left to discuss whatever they want - generally, no matter how illegal.

Musebox / dressing room for original troll characters from Homestuck. Free for anyone to use!


- To mark if a comment thread or post is filtered, include [FILTERED TO (DEMOGRAPHIC/INDIVIDUAL) | (LOW/MEDIUM/HIGH) SECURITY]. All but high security are hackable, though characters will find it difficult: high security is hackable, but the results will tend to be garbled.

- Posts are, by default, TEXT, but can also be VIDEO, AUDIO, or PHOTO. In the case of descriptions, please note actions between [brackets like these], to keep them visually distinct from quirks!

- Characters can select their own symbols and icons, and icons are visible by the side of their username. A symbol being lime or red doesn't mean a character is necessarily a mutant in reality, and the actual IP and email used to register accounts is heavily shrouded in the system. Characters who decide to try and hack it will have a very, very difficult time.
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