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[ The camera flickers on reluctantly. ]

[ To say Pheres is sitting on a porch would be inaccurate: to be more precise, he's half-sprawled across the cement, kept up only through the strategic use of an elbow and looking for all the world like simply sitting would require too much effort. His face is flushed deep maroon, to the point it's difficult to tell if it's a flush or simply sun damage, but the grin he manages for the camera looks genuine, even if his voice is a little strained. ]

[ Every few words, the screen flickers. It looks rather like spots from the light shining outside of the awning, but sharp-eyed viewers - or those used to it - might recognise the tell-tale flash of psionic sparks instead. ]

RS: / hello everyoneee /
RS: / i'm, ah, so terribly sorry that this is a video /
RS: / but - haha - i'm afraid it seems like i can't type! /
RS: / i tried but the results were dreadful and i thought to myself /

RS: / pheres m'dear /
RS: / if someone tried to send you a message that looked like this /
RS: / you would toss it in the trash and tell them to get back to you when they've /
RS: / - haaaaaaah - gone and sobered up /

RS: / but hahaha /
RS: / unfortunately~ i don't think i'm going to be sober for a bit yet /
RS: / this party is dreadful /
RS: / people kept refilling my drink /
RS: / which, don't get me wrong, i was very -haah - appreciative of /

RS: / but then someone put something in it /
RS: / and i don't think it was alcohol! /
RS: / and now everything is dreadful and i want to go home /

RS: / any- -- anyway! i was going to get someone to come get me /
RS: / but it turns out my hatefriends are all off drowsing like layabouts /
RS: / sleeping! at this time of day! haaah /
RS: / so i'm just -- haah - waiting until it gets less sunny to go home /
RS: / or a psirunner comes to investigate me on this stoop /
RS: / whichever comes first /

RS: / would someone like to keep me company until then??? /
RS: / please? i am an excellent conversati- conversat-  person to speak to. /
RS: / current - haah - ah, stumbling aside. /
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CC: hey guys!!                                                                                                   
CC: look who happened to blow up on my shores today,,                       
CC: a certain tealblood who's been MIA !! |8                                                
CC: so HH can stop shitting his trousers now,,                                          
CC: and OA can hopefully stop leaving me ominious voicemails??       
CC: which btw aren't that ominious!!                                                              
CC: you're not the only one with psionics around here yew silly dweeb,,
CC: if you wanna bait and hook me you gotta try a little harder than that!!
CC: i'm not sipara after all,,
CC: |8)


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