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Nov. 11th, 2020 12:55 pm
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Hello, my little pupas! This is everyone's favorite moderculler, Ogliarch, here to lay out some simple rules of etiquette for our little communication board. I know, I know: in the past, we've let you pupas wriggle wild and free through the glossy virtual pastures of our place on the web, but the recent drama has made us realise we've been a little lax.
TL;DR: You kids fucked up and brought down the painted hand of our Beloved Leader to pap us straight, so now we're tightening the leash and setting down some new ground rules for play. Make sure you follow them, or else risk the wrath of the Modsquad!  (✿ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


[≡] 〆(・⺫・‶)

RULE 1: KEEP IT CLEAN. Think about the things you're posting: if it'd make your lusii colour to see it, then don't make it public! I AM TIRED OF DELETING YOUR NUDES. ٩(๑`^´๑)۶ And speaking of which...

RULE 2: FILTERS. KNOW THEM. LOVE THEM. Use them! You want something private? Lock that shit down and filter people in. Don't just post it all willy-nilly and then start bawling 'cause some mean bulgemuncher decided to get caliginous on you. The modsquad is not here to play clubs for you. (✿˃﹏˂̵ )
RULE 3: DON'T BE STUPID. The only safe anonymity is perfect anonymity, and none of you schlubs are up to that. (Cropping the rack out of your nudes doesn't mean jack if you leave in the EXIF, pupas! (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ) So try not to be cullbait! These servers aren't easy to keep up and private, so play your part, and don't draw drones with any illegal frippery.

RULE 4: INTRODUCE YOURSELVES.You people have been passing out this url like sopor at Carnival, so there's been a lot of new handles popping in lately. We're all one, big, hatefriendly clade here, so introduce yourselves and start making connections! And remember: if the modsquad knows who you are, you're marginally less likely to get banned! (✿ )

RULE 5: HAVE FUN! But if we have to remake the board again, know that the Baroness is going to start snapping horns. ( ˘ ³˘)~

[≡] 〆(・⺫・‶)

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[|| So. ||]

[|| When you are "dating" someone. ||]
[|| And they suggest it is time that the two of you met in person. ||]
[|| ... ||]

[|| Let me rephrase. ||]
[|| You are dating someone. ||]
[|| They suggest it is time the two of you met in person. ||]
[|| What does that mean. ||]
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okay guys,, i know it's been awhile since we've had one of oar TOWN MEETINGS,, but i think we need to talk!! |8O aboat a lot of things,, reely,, but mostly about the fact,,

pheres,, what the FUCK are you doing??

i just watched that fight,, and it was a real shit-show,, i mean,, i know sipara does what she wants,, but,,

what the HELL were you thinking letting her get on stage with a fucking prince??
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S0! An im90rtant 9uesti0n f0r y0u l0t, 6y which I am referrin9, 0f c0urse, t0 my fell0w IE9 stu9ents:

Have y0u had a 90l0r0sa sittin9 in y0ur classes lately?

An9 if s0, what is the reas0n they 9ave f0r this?

I'm just askin f0r curi0usity's sake. I har9ly think that the pain9ineerin9 9e9artment is 0f any interest t0 0ur 9irt-9i99in9 c0m9atri0ts in the Em9ress's service, and yet, sure en0u9h, all 0f 0ur lectures have 6een haunted 6y an unusually mu99y matr0n.
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Wow, this site's been awfuLL-LLy quiet L-LateL-Ly! Are you aLL-LL enjoying the dim season? I L-Love how warm the weather's being, it's soooo nice.

I've been working on a gardening project this sweep, and it's going pretty weLL-LL! Anyone eL-Lse doing something cooL-L? You shouL-Ld taL-Lk about it, wouL-Ldn't that be fun?
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1. [PLEASED] the first session of In Which A Series of Unlikely Compatriots Are Roped Together In a Plan to Destroy The Known World has completed.

2. [AMUSED] and although a full title is impossible to accurately give, given the on-going nature of the game, i am pleased to announce that there were three separate cases of arson, one case of grand larceny and assault of an imperial officer, and three cases of manslaughter only barely averted by the deft quadrant machinations of sappho's yellowblood.

3. [AMUSED] oh. and one confirmed quadrant. although i remain uncertain if Artisann Loveless was in fact angling for that one, or any at all, given the fact her dice roll ended up only as a three out of twenty, even with modifiers.

4. [AMUSED] sappho. pheres. hinnom. perhaps you could add in your own commentary?

5. [CURIOUS] and does anyone else have suggestions on better locales for such events in the future? we took over my communal living stem's lobby for the purposes of this game and locked all of the doors, but the number of people demanding entry proved deleterious to experiencing ultimate immersion. or other means of ensuring that people do not enter to steal our food items?

6. [DISAPPROVING] and please, no recommendations of assault. i have no desire to get blood on the chips. that is disgusting.
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((bc i dont want to clog up the thread with a bunch of posts from me. just comment below whichever troll you're talking to if u wanna comment.
each one will be in a comment below so i dont make a massive post that still clogs regardless.

also a note: the pictures in here are for the muns' reference. the trolls are not publicly posting pictures of themselves in this particular thread.))
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how's it hangin' people? hearrd therre werre intrroductions to be had, so woah! look herre! ya'll arre prrivy to an intrroduction frrom none otherr than the masterr of fun. the champion pit-dog. the awesome. the suave. the un-rresistable bazzle motherr fuckin fawkes. how's it goin?

quad talk.!

Apr. 6th, 2016 10:46 pm
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if you wanna dump some stuff about your quads. here's the place. now's the time.

just wanna talk romance?. vent about your awful <>?. brag about your <3
want advice?. sure!. got my very own panel of. experts. right here.

and if we can't help you. no one can.

but at least everybody else. can get some schadenfreude out of it.

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Good evening, my fellow fleetbounders! 'Tis pissing rain and has been for the past week, and so I am TRAPPED inDOORS! Ennui threatens to €onsume me. I have already entered into and broken off a dallian€e with a travelling salestroll and none of my usual affiliates are paying me heed.

ERGO, I turn to you! Render unto me your best stories. Tingle my spine, €hatter my teeth, make mine eyes to bulge from my head in WONDER. 'T mattereth not whether they are frightening, humorous, or tragi€, so long as they are true and above all, intriguing.
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i FEEl BEtrAyED. i hAvE BEEn BAmBoozlED.

my DAmnED sqqquAD lEADEr tAlkED mE into DoinG this BCAusE shE sAiD shE wAs GonnA join in, AnD shE just tolD mE shE wAsn't GonnA But iF i triED to qqquit shE'D BloCk oFF my rEspppitE BloCk.

whAtEvEr GoDs ArE out thErE, ppplEAsE, sAvE mE From this CruEl AnD unusuAl pppunishmEnt.

GuEss shE's Got A pppoint thAt i Don't intErACt with othEr pppEoppplE EnouGh, thouGh.
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[A selfie of Emerel]

thErE was a distinct lack of .ME. up in hErE and .I. just couldnt lEt that stand
and thErEforE it was .MY. job to fix that
fEast your gandErglobEs on this fantastic fucking spEcimEn of a troll
yourE wElcomE
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You know, I am really, genuinely curious: how much of the colonies do they teach in general schoolfeeding?

I'm not talking about star charts or fleet maps or anything, I'm wondering if there's any sort of lessons beyond just saying the colonies exist in some shape or form. Not all of them are prison colonies, of course.

Then again, considering the vast differences between Alternia and my home, I wouldn't be surprised if the Empire's forgotten all about its little offshoots.
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S0 many new sym90ls! 9reetin9s t0 all 0f y0u.

As n0 0ne else has 60there9 yet, I su660se it falls on me t0 9ut t09ether 0ur meta6h0rical welc0me wa90n f0r the newc0mers. Hell0! I w0n't 90ther with intr09ucti0ns, as I'm sure all 0f y0u are fasti9i0us en0u9h t0 have 90ste9 in the 9r09er thread already. :)

9ut there is s0 much m0re we 0u9ht t0 learn a60ut each 0ther a6art fr0m just names! Say, 0ur h066ies. H0w we s6end 0ur time says s0 much a60ut us, 90esn't it?

I'll start us 0ff! I enj0y 6uildin9 60m6s and c0ncussive weap0nry. Much t0 my new lawnring's 9eneral 9ismay, I'm afrai9. My lusus is actually currently takin9 s0me0ne's c0m9laint 0utsi9e, althou9h, frankly, it 90es n0t s0und as if he's makin9 a very 9ersuasive ar9ument.

... I su990se I sh0uld intervene bef0re she actually eats the 900r fell0w, sh0ul9n't I? They're a slee9y 9unch 0f 6lue6l009s, 9ut I w0ul9 rather hate t0 9et them rile9 the first ni9ht I'm here.
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(Well, pals, that was one helluva welcome! X dxdn't even need to flxp my own xsh and X got my own personal soaps straxght up on joxnxn! Xs xt always thxs excxtxn? (\ouo/) )

(Speakxn of awks callxn folks out xn person xn publxc places, X was totes gonna send thxs prxvate-lxke, but then X realxzed axn't nobody gotta be mxssxn out on the dxscovery of the mxllennxa. (\uwu/) )

(Heyo, [personal profile] refiningspacetime!)

– screeScree [SS] posted a file: “bonafxdevampxre” –

[A somewhat blurry and zoomed-in phone-cam photo of a particularly dessicated daywalker with olive accents on their dress, lunging upwards at a sheer tree trunk towards the photographer's vantage point with their mouth wide open. Their canines happen to be notably longer than the rest of their teeth.]

(Look, pal! X totes found you a proper drxnker! Now you can lay your poor pusher to rest, pun deffo xntended, and know that the thxngs that go bump xn the day now xnclude blood-suckxng jadebloods out for you personally! (\^u^/) )

(They’re affronted that you axn’t so sure bout thexr exxstence, y’see, wanna come and tell you personal-lxke! (\ouo/) - Or at least X thxnk that's what the dude saxd. Sorta hard to tell, what wxth the drxnker accent.)
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You know, the other night I was just telling Marduk ~~

that I had the most beautiful idea ~~

of a community that endorsed camadery between trolls ~~

encouraged the unity of discourse between all castes ~~

and she told me about this ~~! Amazing ~~! Stupendous~~! community~~! Already flourishing free on the shoals of the web ~~

from what I've seen so far ~~! It is simply crabtivating ~~! <3

Good job everyone ~~!
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| Hello Everyone | ! |

| Given Recent Events | I have Decided to Take Up LARPING | And while Normally | I would Simply Pursue This Adventure with some of my Merchant Friends | I was Thinking |

| Fleetbound has Quite the Number of Engaging Individuals | who I am Sure Possess Vivid and Unmatched Imaginations | beyond Those of Simple Vendors | ! | So It might Prove Entertaining to Pursue a Campaign with You People Instead | ? | =:B |

| I Already Spoke to Mardie | Who seemed Very Interested | So We have at Least One Player | ! |

| So is Anyone Else Interested | ? |

| I will be in Temasek's Province for most of the Perigee | Coming in from the Region Surrounding Cascara | so I thought Perhaps | Three Sessions | Over the Course of the Perigee |

| And I Could Very Easily Make a Detour to Pick Up Anyone who May Wish to Join In | On the Way Over |
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[The video screen flickers on.]

[The footage is a little shaky, and every twitch of motion makes the screen spasm with static. But if the picture's grainy, it's still impossible to miss Sipara's face peering down into the camera.]

[She's wearing armor, and there's the faint sound of snoring in the background, echoing slightly in the cave.]

sup, fuckerns, guess wherne I am?
[The image flickers, the video gradually growing brighter as she turns the camera. A flash of stone, cragged from age and damage, and then the screen goes white.]

in a goddamn cave. and it's fucking daytime. >:O

so, like, herne's  a warning forn yrn suprneme leader and all that shit:

when you go flarping, sparne yrnself the trnouble and just fucking cull yrn team rnight at the starnt. >:{
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| Okay | Um |

| Normally I would Disapprove of This Sort of Advice-Asking in a Public Sphere | But Honestly | I Suspect I Rather Need an Outside Opinion on This Matter |

| Given that My Usual Sources of Advice have all been Very Unhelpful | Except in Putting Forth Unhelpfully Salacious Comments |

| Ahem | Alright | Um |

| How do You Tell if Someone Likes You | In a Quadrant Sort of Way | Or in a Dating Sort of Way | ? |

| And | Is There Really a Discernible Difference | | | ? |
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| Riccin |
| Why did You Send Me A Pair of Books | ? | =:| |


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