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[The video screen flickers on.]

[The footage is a little shaky, and every twitch of motion makes the screen spasm with static. But if the picture's grainy, it's still impossible to miss Sipara's face peering down into the camera.]

[She's wearing armor, and there's the faint sound of snoring in the background, echoing slightly in the cave.]

sup, fuckerns, guess wherne I am?
[The image flickers, the video gradually growing brighter as she turns the camera. A flash of stone, cragged from age and damage, and then the screen goes white.]

in a goddamn cave. and it's fucking daytime. >:O

so, like, herne's  a warning forn yrn suprneme leader and all that shit:

when you go flarping, sparne yrnself the trnouble and just fucking cull yrn team rnight at the starnt. >:{

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