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inspiredtalesmith ([personal profile] inspiredtalesmith) wrote in [community profile] fleetbound2016-03-30 07:57 pm


Good evening, my fellow fleetbounders! 'Tis pissing rain and has been for the past week, and so I am TRAPPED inDOORS! Ennui threatens to €onsume me. I have already entered into and broken off a dallian€e with a travelling salestroll and none of my usual affiliates are paying me heed.

ERGO, I turn to you! Render unto me your best stories. Tingle my spine, €hatter my teeth, make mine eyes to bulge from my head in WONDER. 'T mattereth not whether they are frightening, humorous, or tragi€, so long as they are true and above all, intriguing.

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