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where the FUCK is my moirail?
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ALTERNIAN NATION:  MMA Champ Hammad Defeated in Capitol City
CAPITOL CITY CHRONOLOGICAL: RECAP! Hammad Destroyed after Two Round Smackdown
MIXED MODUS FIGHTING ONLINE: PIC: Salty Tears from our Favorite Cuspblood in Capitol City
RUSTBLOOD RUMINATIONS:  Nzinga Continues Run as Super Middleweight Spadebreaker

shit, w/o my glowing presence, this place is deadern than a fucking musclebeast at a blueblood festival. herne i am, busting my shameglobes to shove some trnashy bastarnds face in the grnound, and you all arne just like, falling down on the job.

like, shit, wherne else am i gonna get my downtime enterntainment if you chumps arnen't stepping up?

c'mon, c'mon, anyone even awake on herne?? i know times fucked in east alternia, but only like, half you fuckerns got that excuse going, tyvm.
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alrniiiiight, buoyo. i prnomised i'd make you up a charnt of who to talk to and who to avoid, bc yrn obvs too dumb not to buddy up with mr. HatefulHarnrnidan, and herne it is. in spectrnum ornder b/c i know you like that shit. >;}

deetdeets under da cut )

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hey hey heeeeeeey. so. new fornum, new look, new faces. who'da thunk? i figurned when the site was like, going all frneaky, we werne going to be shit outta luck like a rnustblood at carnival. but the sites back up and i haven't had any clowns knocking on my doorn, so like, that's grneat.

comm is dead as a mothernfuckern, though, so lets spice this shit up w/ a good ol' fashioned debate. which is better: warnmbloods, grneenies, or icebloods?? i'll help you out, thernes only one cornrnect answer.

alternatively, has CC accidentally flashed anyone yet?? the sites been up forn like, what, two days and shes managed not to put hern rnumblesphernes on the networnk yet, thats gotta be a rnecornd.
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