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okay so um,, i think we can all atree,, that last post??

TOTAL SHITSHOW,, |8O from top to roots!!

and like its okay that everyone has dif-fern-rent onions and all on this short of thing,, but lets not get all up in each others racks over it!! like ogliarch likes to say,, were all one big happy hatefrondly clade here!! SO LETS ACT LIKE IT,, >|8O

so stop posting there and start posting here,, because guess what,, perigees over and you know what that means,, |8)

itt: GOSSIP POST!! |8O

(rs is this you?? |8))
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Oh, gr3at, looks lik3 this thing has finally d3cid3d to work. W3'v3 sp3nt millions and millions of y3ars taking ov3r th3 3ntir3 galaxy and 3uilding spac3ships, 3ut w3 can't mak3 a husktop work without full 3att3ry charg3? 3ogus, man.

3ut, right, not h3r3 to complain a3out my husktop. Gotta stay on track, 33for3 it d3cid3s to go and k33l ov3r on m3 again.

So, a littl3 3irdy told m3 that this 3oard is a r3gular circl3j3rk of psionics, and I just got an Imp3rial droid-scr33d d3liv3r3d last night. Lucky m3, right? Psionic 3as3lin3 t3sting, two p3rig33s, 33 th3r3 or 33 cull3d and hav3 your 3rain us3d for a 3att3ry, 3luh 3luh 3luh.

I'm not h3r3 to whin3 a3out how th3 fudg3 I can g3t around this, though don't g3t m3 wrong, if you'v3 got any 3xciting s3cr3ts that ar3n't turning up on troogle, you 33tt3r shar3.

3ut, uh. Is th3r3 anyway to g3t around it? 33caus3 I alr3ady pilot a psirunn3r, and, lik3, not looking forward to th3 mandatory upgrad3s.

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| Ahem |

| I was Going to Post a Long Litany of Apologies the Other Night | Justifying My Unfortunate Predilection towards Bad Decisions while Intoxicated | But then I considered |

| We are all Hate-Friendly Adults Here | and Also | a Single Intoxicated Post is Hardly Worse than CC's Incessant Nudity | So | I decided Not To | And I have Issued Personal Apologies to Those whom I May have Offended through Private Messages Instead |

| Still | My Apologies for that Undignified Bout of Behaviour | ! | I'll make sure that It does not Occur Again | ! | =:) |
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where the FUCK is my moirail?
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Hello, my magnificent fuck-ups!

The modsquad and I are all very excited the forum seems to be taking off well. To quote the Baroness: "all these fucking twerps do is glub, glub, glub". It's true! You kids never clam up, which is good, because otherwise I'd be out of a job. So keep up the good work. ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆

Now! Your incessant yammering means that we've had to breed some new serverhosts, and let me tell you, having to convince the Apiarist to stop fondling his hives long enough to do that was scarier than an Imperial cagematch! But lucky for you, since he was in the system anyway, I got him to agree to a few upgrades I think you'll all find very exciting. |  ̄∀ ̄ |

[≡] 〆(・⺫・‶)

First of all, we've instated anonymous accounts for those recalcitrant troublemakers who might not want to sign up legitimately. What's this mean for you, our lovely, law-abiding netizens? (*´▽`*) Well, not much! But now you can flash the namestrand for our section of the web and get your hatefriends hooked up here, even when sign-ons are off. (っ˘з(˘⌣˘ )

Now, this may have a few problems at first. Namely, some of you kids might realise your icons are showing up as the anonymous ones. If that's happened to you, sorry to say, the Apiarist said - and I quote him here - "the fuck are you still here for? are you recor- goddamnit, okay, tell the little fuckers to remake their goddamn accounts and BUZZ OFF".

That Apiarist. Always such a kidder! (ી(΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵)ʃ) But I'm sad to tell you, they're legally obliged only to tell the truth. That's the only fix you're getting, folks!

Now, some of you may already be moaning about remaking your account, but I've given everyone a sign-up token to make it easy, so keep that shit to PM's because I don't want to see it. This new anonymous system is worth it! I think it'll bring in some exciting new faces to our little clade-comm, and I'm personally looking forward to the opportunity for fresh blood. (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)

Second of all, there's been a few upgrades to the rules. Make sure you point your gander-bulbs at those, or else! As fun as it is to slam down warnings on you lot of chuckleheads, sometimes even my itchy hands get tired of bringing down the righteous club of reprimand. (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)

Now, that's all! Enjoy the new forum upgrades, y'all. ( ◜◒◝ )

[≡] 〆(・⺫・‶)
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[ The camera flickers on reluctantly. ]

[ To say Pheres is sitting on a porch would be inaccurate: to be more precise, he's half-sprawled across the cement, kept up only through the strategic use of an elbow and looking for all the world like simply sitting would require too much effort. His face is flushed deep maroon, to the point it's difficult to tell if it's a flush or simply sun damage, but the grin he manages for the camera looks genuine, even if his voice is a little strained. ]

[ Every few words, the screen flickers. It looks rather like spots from the light shining outside of the awning, but sharp-eyed viewers - or those used to it - might recognise the tell-tale flash of psionic sparks instead. ]

RS: / hello everyoneee /
RS: / i'm, ah, so terribly sorry that this is a video /
RS: / but - haha - i'm afraid it seems like i can't type! /
RS: / i tried but the results were dreadful and i thought to myself /

RS: / pheres m'dear /
RS: / if someone tried to send you a message that looked like this /
RS: / you would toss it in the trash and tell them to get back to you when they've /
RS: / - haaaaaaah - gone and sobered up /

RS: / but hahaha /
RS: / unfortunately~ i don't think i'm going to be sober for a bit yet /
RS: / this party is dreadful /
RS: / people kept refilling my drink /
RS: / which, don't get me wrong, i was very -haah - appreciative of /

RS: / but then someone put something in it /
RS: / and i don't think it was alcohol! /
RS: / and now everything is dreadful and i want to go home /

RS: / any- -- anyway! i was going to get someone to come get me /
RS: / but it turns out my hatefriends are all off drowsing like layabouts /
RS: / sleeping! at this time of day! haaah /
RS: / so i'm just -- haah - waiting until it gets less sunny to go home /
RS: / or a psirunner comes to investigate me on this stoop /
RS: / whichever comes first /

RS: / would someone like to keep me company until then??? /
RS: / please? i am an excellent conversati- conversat-  person to speak to. /
RS: / current - haah - ah, stumbling aside. /
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| Oh | ! | PC |

| I just wanted You to Know that I received The Iron Cuffs from the Depot the Other Night |

| And | They are Marvelous | I wasn't aware that You did Jewelery | ? |

| I Handed off the Books | But I wasn't aware You were on a Boat at the Time | Haha | I don't suppose You've Received Them Yet | ? |
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anyone want a frnee firnebirnd lusus? about the size of a fist, not verny smarnt, will peck the fuck outta you forn no good rneason and steal yrn crneditchip b/c he doesn't apprnove of yrn money-spending habits.

but hey, at least he's cute! lmao. >:/

no but srnsly, i'm about to murndern him. orn sell him to the girnl above me w/ a meowbeast lusus as a scrnatch-toy. someone tell me abt how yrn lusus is way shittiern so i can feel bettern.
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CC: hey guys!!                                                                                                   
CC: look who happened to blow up on my shores today,,                       
CC: a certain tealblood who's been MIA !! |8                                                
CC: so HH can stop shitting his trousers now,,                                          
CC: and OA can hopefully stop leaving me ominious voicemails??       
CC: which btw aren't that ominious!!                                                              
CC: you're not the only one with psionics around here yew silly dweeb,,
CC: if you wanna bait and hook me you gotta try a little harder than that!!
CC: i'm not sipara after all,,
CC: |8)
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1. [SOLICITOUS YET FRIENDLY] hello, everyone.

2. [FRIENDLY] this message is aimed specifically towards @refiningspacetime, but i welcome any and all whom may be interested in our research to read it, and offer up their input.

3. [FRIENDLY] any and all input will be considered valuable. while those who can present information that has been cited and sourced could argue that their input is more well referenced and thus useful to our compilation of knowledge, i would argue that even first-hand experiences deemed relevant to the topic should be deemed a useful and even necessary part of this research process.

4. [FRIENDLY] onto the information.

5. [INFORMATIVE] as you can see, i cross-referenced a number of papers, created several graphs, and have come to the conclusion that the exact hue number in which statistically significant temperature drops appear are at 315. however, the difference is arguable: while statistically significant in the majority of individuals and studies viewed at that point, the actual disparity in blood temperature amongst the individual is varied sufficiently that it remains arguable if a quatiary identification category is actually necessary.

6. [INFORMATIVE] it is my studied opinion that the three categories previously agreed on - hotblood, warmblood and coldblood - can include seadwellers without the necessity of adding a fourth category. but, of course, historical and personal views on the matter are always welcome/

7. [SOLICITOUS] after all, an academic study is inaccurate if not shaped with a thorough understanding of popular views.
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[filtered to platonicCrusader | low security]
[|| Myrrha. ||]
[|| I know I pissed you off. ||]
[|| But if you could stop ignoring me for two seconds to confirm that you're not dead in the sea, that would be fucking great. ||]

[|| Please? ||]

[filtered to obstructedAntiquity | low security]
[|| Has Myrrha contacted you? ||]

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ALTERNIAN NATION:  MMA Champ Hammad Defeated in Capitol City
CAPITOL CITY CHRONOLOGICAL: RECAP! Hammad Destroyed after Two Round Smackdown
MIXED MODUS FIGHTING ONLINE: PIC: Salty Tears from our Favorite Cuspblood in Capitol City
RUSTBLOOD RUMINATIONS:  Nzinga Continues Run as Super Middleweight Spadebreaker

shit, w/o my glowing presence, this place is deadern than a fucking musclebeast at a blueblood festival. herne i am, busting my shameglobes to shove some trnashy bastarnds face in the grnound, and you all arne just like, falling down on the job.

like, shit, wherne else am i gonna get my downtime enterntainment if you chumps arnen't stepping up?

c'mon, c'mon, anyone even awake on herne?? i know times fucked in east alternia, but only like, half you fuckerns got that excuse going, tyvm.
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[filtered to harriedHeroditus| low security]
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[filtered to refiningSpacetime | medium security]

alrniiiiight, buoyo. i prnomised i'd make you up a charnt of who to talk to and who to avoid, bc yrn obvs too dumb not to buddy up with mr. HatefulHarnrnidan, and herne it is. in spectrnum ornder b/c i know you like that shit. >;}

deetdeets under da cut )

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Sopor Slime Pie
  1. 2 cups sopor concentrate (12 oz.)
  2. 1 package grub pudding (3.4 oz.)
  3. 2 cups water
  4. 2 cups Faygo
  5. 4 Tbsp cornstarch
  6. 1/4 cup powdered sweetcane
  7. 1/4 cup whipped skimmed dairy fat
  1. Bring the water to a boil in a large saucepan, then turn off the heat and dump in the sopor concentrate and use a whisk to stir it until everything is blended.
  2. Stir in the wicked elixir.
  3. Stir in the pudding mix.
  4. Stir in the cornstarch, the powdered sweetcane, and the whipped dairyfat. Whisk everything around so it’s blended smoothly and there aren’t any lumps.
  5. Pour as much slime as you can into the cooled pie shells. Just make sure you can carry them to your thermal hull without spilling.
  6. Refrigerate your miracles for a couple hours or so until the slime sets.
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| Hello everyone | ! | I am finally Getting the Hang of this Messaging Device |
| So in Honor of my Growing Knowledge | Let's discuss | Hobbies | ! |

| What do You do for Entertainment | ? |

| I'll start off | I enjoy Fashion | It's Nice to Stand out in a Crowd | and be Immediately Visible to Your Peers | I take Pictures of my Outfits as Well | for Critique and because it's Fun |

| I just Spent an Hour going through my Wardrobe Modus | Trimming the Excess from my Clothing | So here are some Pictures |

| Pictures from this Evening under the Cut | )
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hey hey heeeeeeey. so. new fornum, new look, new faces. who'da thunk? i figurned when the site was like, going all frneaky, we werne going to be shit outta luck like a rnustblood at carnival. but the sites back up and i haven't had any clowns knocking on my doorn, so like, that's grneat.

comm is dead as a mothernfuckern, though, so lets spice this shit up w/ a good ol' fashioned debate. which is better: warnmbloods, grneenies, or icebloods?? i'll help you out, thernes only one cornrnect answer.

alternatively, has CC accidentally flashed anyone yet?? the sites been up forn like, what, two days and shes managed not to put hern rnumblesphernes on the networnk yet, thats gotta be a rnecornd.
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hi guys!! |8B sorry for not checking in lately but ive been superduper busy!! i see we have a new board though that's neat?? |8O

anyway im still busy!! im just on right now because i have a verytinyproblem and i thoughtmaybe someone on here mighthave an idea of how to handle it??

theres a girl whokeeps taking potshots at my treehouse and at first i was okaywithit because she was a reely badshot?? she couldn't hit the broad side of an herdbeast hive if she tried, nevermind my little hive!! |8B

but then now shes started shooting at mydad whenever he comes to visit and thats just not okay!! my dad is really old!! he could DIE?? and then i got up tonight and she stole some of my woolbeasts too!!

she lives on a boat!! she doesn't even NEED woolbeasts!!

so what should i do?? i was going to just like askher nicely to go the fuck away but she absconds whenever sheseesme!! it's driving me knotty!! should i layout traps?? is that overboard?? |8/

i dont want to hurther i just want her to goaway but i cant keep shrubbing this off either!!


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